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Lord, Keep me from accepting a substitute for what’s real:

Every woman is created with the need to be provided for and protected…if we were not, it would not be the husband’s duty to provide and protect, yet we are and it is, just like it is a man’s need to be respected, it is a woman’s need to be love. What happens when a woman substitutes a husband’s responsibility to provide and protect with her need for safety, stability, and security that can only come from God? A very discontent woman. What happens when a single or married woman is willing to substitute that same security, safety, and stability that only a relationship with The Ultimate Lover of one’s soul can bring for that of “feeling good”, “feeling special”, “feeling wanted” by a man who is using her for sex to the same degree she is using him as a substitute? Total chaos, marriages destroyed,hearts shattered, families broken, and lives destroyed.

We have to get it together and work together. If we are using a man as a substitute for God, we must quit defining our worth and the next generation of ladies worth by our sexuality. If we allow ourselves and our value to be defined by out sexuality, we are reducing ourselves into being objects. We must quit behaving as less than God made us to be just so we feel “wanted” and “special” in the moment- because maybe somewhere in our lives we bought the lies that are taught by society, such as, that if men want us then we are special, that if we are wanted by a man, then we have value. In most cases, if not all, in this sex crazed culture, men do not want us, they want their own selfish desires of lust, approval, or acceptance to be met. Thus, we are allowing our sexuality to be used by others so they may feel adequate or to escape their own pain and all the while we are doing the same thing: Using others response to us for a substitute of the love of God and a healthy relationship for that of a unhealthy sexuality experience. Again, why? Is it hormones? Stupidity? Loneliness? Depression? Our own need to feel better about ourselves? An emotional high? Our own unhealthy response to feeling inadequate and believing others or ourselves can fix our feelings? Why are we willing to exploit our own gift of sexuality as the barter for intimacy? Our souls long for “intomesee”. God placed the desire within us so that we might acknowledge that we need a deep, personal, transparent relationship with Him. We need to let Him love us. Let Him know us. We must choose to take our pain, failures, inadequacies, as well as, our successes and joy before Him. We must choose to let Him create us and to intimately see that which He created. It is possible that only then will we be completely satisfied and be able to have other selfless, healthy relationships.


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